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Founded in 2010, Supply and Demand Trading is an Online Trading Education. Our service aims to develop traders into professional traders using institutional methods to capitalise in the financial markets. The Educators share their experience on interbank pricing consistencies and behaviours based on core pricing patterns. You will learn how to properly analyse any instrument and time frame. It is our goal to provide the best trading strategy to all of our members through the extensive online training course

  • We live with one purpose, to help you succeed
  • We are a responsible business
  • We want to make you more confident in your ability to boost profits
  • We help finance your dreams
  • “We love to
    help Traders succeed,
    It’s our Passion
    Guy Haigh - CEO & Founder at

    Our Course

    Do you feel you need professional advice?
    That is simple to understand and straightforward to implement.

    What Our Clients Say

    I highly recommend
    The course material generated by Guy covers some of most advanced strategies that I have ever seen. Its unique understanding of institutional Supply and Demand order.

    Kelly Palmer
    at .

    Is the best trading education I have seen. Hands down.

    Dave Martin
    at .

    Joined Supply Demand Trading recently . The trading learning material is outstanding . The supply and demand advance levels he teaches have been the highlight for me and my trading has improved since using them.

    Warren Kirk
    at .

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